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Peter Frie was born in 1947 in Sweden. He studied painting and drawing at the Jlyptotejet School in Copenhagen from 1964-65 and since 1971 has held many one man shows in Scandinavia and Switzerland. His first exhibition in London was at the New Art Centre in April 1984 and another was held in 1986. His work is in the collections of museums in Malmo and Olrebro in Sweden. Peter Frie makes close-up studies of bluebells stems of grass buttercups and poppies in their natural meadow surroundings. The mild colouring of these natural themes inevitably puts one in mind of classical romantic naturalism. In his still life compositions however artistic expression is heightened with the same air of a Swedish art critic "In this modern romantic naturalism of course we also encounter a tranquil protest against contemporary destruction of environment and blatant exploitation in the holy name of technocracy. In this sense Peter Frie's romantic naturalism becomes exceedingly realistic - protest art with a gentle profile".