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Born in 1943 in London Charlotte Ardizzone finished studying at the Byam Shaw School of Art in 1969 and has not stopped painting since. Coming from the talented Ardizzone family she has existed without their help and has often found the name a hindrance when acceptance of her work alone was important to her. As it is she has strived particularly to exist by painting. She intersperses working here with travelling abroad which as she points out is also working as she always travels with her paints and brushes. Charlotte Ardizzone has developed a distinctive and recognisable style which in the words of one reviewer "satisfies the jaded northern eye with gentle pastels and sizzling splashes of colour". Her work is essentially a recording of what she sees in 'traditional manner'. Her home her collections of ephemera and still life images are painted with the same freshness that she gives to views in Italy or Greece. The paintings have a harmonious feel to them which most probably stems from the integration of her life and art. During the last fifteen years she has held many one-person shows most recently at the Bohun Gallery in Henley and also participated in numerous group exhibitions. Her work can be found in several notable public collections including those of the Nuffield Foundation National Gallery of Australia Columbia University and the National Gallery of Poland.