How Gallery Online Use Cookies


Like many sites on the web, especially those selling goods Gallery Online makes things simpler for you to use by setting small data files onto your computer called cookies. Cookies don't identify you personally, but help the site remember small details about your visit to enable you to buy from us safely without continually re-entering the same information.

You can control and delete these files as you wish.


How we use Cookies


Gallery Online uses cookies in several places, we'll run through each we set, what reasons we have for settings them and how long they last for.


Measuring Website Usage (via Google Analytics)


We measure how people visit the site to improve the experience for our customers as part of an ongoing process. We use Google Analytics (GA) to do this, and GA keeps track of what pages you visit, how long you stay on each section of the site and what links you click on. Google Analytics does not store any personal details about you and we do not allow Google to share or use any analytics data gathered.

Google Analytics sets these cookies to measure this.


CookieName Typical ContentExpires in:
_utma   a random number 2 years
_utmb    a random number   30 minutes
_utmc    a random number when you close your browser
_utmx    a random number 2 years


Remembering Your Shopping Basket

To remember what you've put in your basket, and the other details you set as part of the checkout process we save details of your visit as a session on our server.

To keep track of your unique session we set the identifying number in a cookie. Without this cookie the shopping cart would not work.


CookieNameTypical ContentExpires in:
PSESSIONID a random number When you close the browser