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Born in 1951 in Wakefield David Beevers began his art studies at Bradford College of Art in 1970. He worked for a year as technician in printmaking at Liverpool Polytechnic and then studied at the Royal College of Art from 1976-79. After this he set up an etching studio at Waterloo in South London which was moved to Maida Vale in 1982. He was a lecturer in Printmaking from 1980-82 at Southampton College and is current a lecturer at Oxford Polytechnic. His work has been shown extensively in the USA and Europe as well as the UK and his etchings which have won him an award at the Royal College of Art are in the collection of the British Council. Craftmen of whatever kind are always absorbed by the tools of their trade and even as laymen we can appreciate the fascination an artist can find in a pristine array of brushes fresh tubes of colour or a gleaming sheet of polished cooper. It is this concern of the artist with his materials that has exercised David Beevers over the last two years.Recently he has taken the idea a stage further by making the carrier of his design - the etching plate - play its own part in the etching. By its nature the etching plate causes an embossed mark on the paper and by cutting and shaping it the character of the plate can be introduced into the image. With the exception of a few very early works all Beevers' etchings have involved some degree of embossing.