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Denis Ryan


Denis Ryan RWS(1948-) was elected a member of the Royal Watercolour Society in 2008. Denis was born in London and studied for an MA in Fine Art at Watford, Hornsey and Ravensbourne colleges of art.

His career began in film animation and, later, illustration. Successfully combining both he worked on award-winning films as well as numerous TV and film commercials.

Having worked in commercial art since leaving art school he now focuses exclusively on fine art. He exhibits with the RWS and has exhibited in Cork Street, the Royal Academy, Mayfair and internationally in Italy, China and the USA (Charleston, Texas and the OK Harris Gallery in New York, home of realist painting).

Denis fills notebooks with sketches and ideas on his travels, collecting collage material and taking many photographs. He has a strong emotional attachment to the city and the recurrent motifs in many of his paintings reflect this, particularly his recent series of neon signs.

He exhibits regularly with the “Art of the Real” group, a collective of like-minded artists sharing the same philosophy, style and approach to painting, of which he was a founder member in 2010.

‘I work from my own photographs, the urban environment offering me a lot of raw material. The current neon series has the metal, glass, stainless steel and strong colours that I find both a pleasure and a challenge to paint.

I hope the strong composition and my palette, along with the interesting light sources, which play a pivotal part in all my paintings, create the desired impact, producing a painting full of visual excitement.’