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Light Breeze
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Elizabeth Gould

Light Breeze

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More about this print

  • Published: 1983
  • Image Size: 458mm x 318mm
  • Paper Size: 515mm x 640mm
  • Edition Size: 150
  • Original: No

 Light Breeze- signed limited edition print by animal artist Elizabeth Gould

About the Artist

Born in 1929 in Hampstead Elizabeth Gould studied at the Harrow School of Art and became a free-lance designer for twenty-four years in the field of carpets and textiles. She also acts as a consultant designer for vinyls and Jacquard fabrics and is a member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers. She started painting full-time in 1981 - imaginative images in watercolour using an airbrush. She is mainly concerned with light as a subject and to some extent the tangible elements whether foliage or a piece of material act merely as "carriers" for light. Again her interest in cats is in their presence and here she conveys this by using a silhouette only. All but the form is obscured by a net whose folds are used to create the effects of light. Her images are highly dependent on the correct balance of tones to create the necessary artistic illusion. She has only recently started printmaking. She has exhibited in several shows the most recent being at the Century Displays Gallery in Surbiton.

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