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Gregg Robinson


Gregg Robinson was born in Seattle in 1948. He attended Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C.    1967-68, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 1968-71 and Brooks Art Institute, Santa Barbara, CA   1971-72.

'The creative process is, on the simplest level, an aesthetic puzzle. Elements of the puzzle include contrast, color, visual texture, graphic pattern, and in some recent work, a simple cryptic symbolism. I have never been particularly interested in lyric or pictorial content, and though some of my work does contain undeniable spatial illusion, even that tends to be a by-product rather than a goal of the primary pursuit: the balance of light and dark, pure color and organic neutrals, energy and calm, strong pattern and subtle field. Having grown up in an environment of contemporary architecture, I have always valued the classic modern synthesis of form and function exemplified by the Bauhaus movement of the early 20th century. Hence, the simplest solutions are often the most satisfying.'