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Nemesio Antunez


Nemesio Antunez (1918-1993). Born in Santiago Chile in 1918 Antunez studied architecture at the Catholic University of Santiago and completed his studies in New York at Columbia University. He had long made up his mind to be an artist having already held an exhibition in Chile in 1943 and after gaining his degree in architecture in 1945 mounted his first one man show in New York that year. He lived in New York for twelve years concentrating on his painting before settling finally in England after spending some time in both Chile and Spain. He is currently a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art. Although the 'architectural' nature of his early studies was to influence his work and indeed has never quite left him.Antunez is an artist of the emotions.Antunez's touch can also be poetic and surrealist. He has held many one man exhibitions throughout the world most recently at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City Stadische Kunsthalle Dusseldorf. He has exhibited in group shows in most major cities in Europe and South America. The United Nations Building in New York houses one of his larger works and he is included in many public and private collections worldwide.