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Paul Hogarth was one of the most distinguished illustrators and graphic artists of the twentieth century. In his work topography, illustration and reportage achieve the status of fine art, a fact reflected in his membership of the Royal Academy. Allied to this unique artistic talent was a passion for travel and literature and an inquiring, adventurous spirit which led to a remarkable life.

   Through his commitment to the radical Left in the 1950s which involved working trips to China, the USSR and the Soviet satellite states, to the time he spent living and working in the United States, Paul's drawings and paintings represent an important and unique record of six decades of world history. His love of travel and his unique ability to gain an insight into other cultures did not diminish through the years, as his 1995 trip to Croatia and subsequent exhibitions demonstrated.

   Literature was another great force in Paul's life and it is through his collaborations with celebrated writers including Doris Lessing, Brendan Behan, Graham Greene, Robert Graves and Lawrence Durrell that Paul's work became familiar to millions across the globe.