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Rib Bloomfield


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More about this print

  • Published:
  • Image Size: 1010mm x 758mm
  • Paper Size: 857mm x 1093mm
  • Edition Size: 80
  • Original: No

Aquesno- signed limited edition print by abstract artist Rib Bloomfield

About the Artist

Rib Bloomfield was born in 1948 in London. He was educated at Croydon College of Art from 1966-1968 and then at Maidstone College of Art where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1971. Bloomfield soon began to carve himself a successful career as a painter with one man shows at the 'Talent Store' the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and DM Galleries in London in the early 'seventies'. Exhibitions then became more widespread throughout Europe and America. His work is in numerous public and private collections worldwide including the Leicester Museum and Art Gallery BBC SAS Airways David Hicks John Schlesinger and Elton John. Bloomfield creates all his screenprints with masterprinter Bernard Pratt of the Retigraphic Society who introduced Bloomfield to the medium some years ago. His paintings had always been structured and highly finished but they had also been very carefully conceived. Screenprinting allowed him to start with no more than a basic outline or silhouette of a shape and to experiment from there. In his words "Beyond the thumbnail sketch I have nothing in my head at the start of a print". Most of his work is based on landscape - but again it may start with no more than a profile of hills and from this Bloomfield attempts to build the atmosphere of say the Arizona desert in semi-abstract terms. Screenprinting gives him the amazing flexibility to use blends and overlays of one transparent ink on another - sometimes metallic - to create his exotic and highly sophisticated images.

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