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Tully Crook was born 1938 in Hampstead London. After a career in advertising and marketing he became a professional artist in 1978. He now concentrates on painting oils and making prints , and in the last few years has been commuting more frequently between his studios in London and New York (where his work has received great acclaim) and his property in the Catskill Mountains on the East Coast of America. His work is a kind of visual shorthand; a distillation of the mental experience of landscape and interior. His prints are based on a correct observation of the subject, simplified to clarify the basic structure reducing them to the essence of what they are. For example a stylised skyscraper exemplifies New York; a nude woman lazing in the sun evokes a hot sultry afternoom, and dark-haired semi-nude chorus girl captures the mood of Paris nightlife. Crook's colours are as striking as his imagery - each colour positive and uncompromising - yet their careful balance ensures that they avoid the strident and become a richly harmonious whole.