Martin Fuller was born in 1943 and studied at Hornsey College of Art, after which he was awarded the Guggenheim-McKinley Scholarship- American Workshop Italy.


He has had 24 solo shows in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and the USA, including: Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 1968 and 1971,Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham, 1968,Bristol City Art Gallery, 1970, Camden Arts Centre, London, 1971, Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford, 1971 and 1973, Grabowski Gallery, London, 1973, Thumb Gallery, London, 1976 and 1979, RZA Gallerie, Dusseldorf, 1983, Austin Desmond Fine Art, 1985 and 1990, On The Wall Gallery, Belfast, 1987, Hendrix Gallery, Dublin, 1987, Musee de Iâ Imaginaire, Paris, 1989, Artist in Residence, Santa Fe, 1991-92, KDK Gallery, London, 1997 Retrospective, Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum, curated by William Packer, Jonathan Clark (with Edward Burra), 2003.


He won the Discerning Eye Modern Painters Prize in 1996, and first prize, Hunting Art Prize, Royal College of Art, 1997. He has been a guest on Michael Berkeley's Private Passions on BBC Radio 3. His work focuses, as it always has, on opera, love, sex and something of the nightclub.