France Hilon was born in 1942 in the Oise district of France. He developed an early interest in etching while studying at the 'Peintres Graveurs' in Paris where he found his unique and highly individual style was well suited to the intaglio medium.


The stimulus for his imagery comes from the landscapes and seascapes of Europe and the Far East where he travels frequently. He has exhibited throughout Europe and is especially recognised for his shows at the prestigious Basel and Frankfurt Art Fairs. In 1986 he exhibited at the first Art Fair in Paris devoted exclusively to prints - FIEST. In 1986 his etchings were exhibited for the first time at the London Art Fair where he attracted considerable attention.


This talented Frenchman's etchings are of a consistent high quality and with his palette of muted greys, blues and browns, Hilon embues his scenes with distinct 'Northern' flavour and although his treatment is descriptive, he uses light to create 'atmosphere' - the key element in his pictures.