Heidi Konig was born in Germany, and came to Britain in 1989 to pursue a career in art. After graduating with first class honours in Fine Art Printmaking from Brighton University, she then completed a post-graduate Diploma in Fine Art Printmaking in 1996 at the Slade.

Since then Heidi Konig worked as a full time printmaker and painter with commissions and exhibitions for a variety of clients and galleries. 

Heidi has won numerous awards for her outstanding etchings, monotypes and oils, which are sought by collectors the world over.  Influenced by her travels, she says: "In my work I do not want to create a pictorial view of where I have been, but a sensual view of what I experienced there. The artist's ability is to see what others do not, to achieve harmony, sensuality and beauty from nature's raw elements, and to offer a new way of seeing."