Csaba was born in Budapest Hungary in 1953. From a young age he knew that he wanted to be an artist. Feeling that his creativity was being stifled in his native country, Markus decided to escape the rigorous controls of the Communist system and travelled to the United States in 1978. He settled in Southern California and here he established his studio.


The following years were spent working hard and have now earned him his well earned reputation as one of the highest regarded figurative artists. His work has been heavily influenced by his childhood in Hungary and the folk tales and legends he read as a boy. It is the Greek legends as immortalized through the epic poetry of Homer and Ovid that have proved to be one of the greatest inspirations for his work. He incorporates these cultures and the legends of ancient eras into his work and expressed them in a thoroughly modern way.


The aesthetic appeal of Markus's work lies in a combination of the beauty of his subject matter together with his rich palette. Each composition benefits from his minute attention to detail as exemplified in the intricate patterned borders draperies and jewellery, which typifies all of his work.