Born in 1963, Annora Spence studied printed textiles at Liverpool Polytechnic during the early 1980's and continued her further education by completing an MA in the same subject at Birmingham Polytechnic. Having completed her studies Annora worked as a freelance artist and designer. Since 1990 she has concentrated on her career as a painter and has enjoyed sell-out shows in London and abroad.


She has been making silkscreen prints since 1994, working in collaboration with the highly acclaimed Advanced Graphics studio with each edition selling out in record time. Annora has also started producing etchings at Hope Sufferance Press.


Annora derives many of the ideas for her work from her travels throughout Europe, India and Asia and draws inspiration from the characters, situations and colours she encounters. Her palette ranges from rich to pale and subtle built up layers of tone and texture. Annora's work is guaranteed to be filled with humour and her own brand of quirkiness and she says of her own work 'my aim is to explore the relationships between the often eccentric characters placed in situations that are comic and sometimes near impossible'.