Born in 1954 in South Africa, Larry Abramson went on to live in Israel in 1961. He studied at the Chelsea School of Art in London between 1973-1974 and received the Kolliner Award for young artists from the Israel Museum in 1979.


He is assistant director of the Jerusalem Print Workshop at the Florence Miller Art Center where much of the most interesting printmaking in Israel today takes place. He also acts as advisor to Mishkenot Shaananim Art Center.


Although he still sees himself primarily as a painter the disciplines and opportunities provided by printmaking were significant in the development of his art allowing him to clarify his use of colour and form. His prints tend to follow a strict formal structure with a square format and a limited palette. Abramson constructs his screenprints by progresive overprintings of more or less transparent colours partially covering or exposing the layer underneath. The result of this is that he creates several planes within the image and 'the sensation of an emerging or submerging image; the feeling that you are looking at reflections never quite able to see the actual source of the image'.


Abramson has held many one-man shows in Tel Aviv Jerusalem and New York and also participated in numerous group exhibitions.