Born in 1944 in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, Martin Broadbent studied from 1963-1967 at the Leeds College of Art and Design and then for a year at the Hertfordshire College of Art and Design.


After spending nine years teaching in Londin in 1977, he began printmaking, initially working as a lithographic printer with Alan Cox of Sky Editions in an old warehouse overlooking the Thames. In 1979 he established his own lithographic studio Ingham Press first in London and then in Gloucestershire.


He has earned a high reputation and respect as a masterprinter and amongst others he has worked with Trevor Grimshaw, George Guest, Bryan Organ and Terry Millington. Broadbent however has always regarded himself primarily as an artist. 


He held his first one man show in 1984 at Business Interiors in Bristol following a major commission for prints and paintings from the CEGB. He has also participated in many group exhibitions in the UK.