Lee studied at the School of Art in Cheltenham where his work became increasingly abstract. During this time the St Ives artists such as Sir Terry Frost and the American Abstract Expressionists particularly influenced him.


He continued to paint full time after college founding a co-operative silkscreen studio with several other graduates and the county council. Lee was first attracted to screenprinting because of its creative possibilities. Colour is always intense and the ability to layer flat areas of transparent and opaque colours added a new dimension to his work.


Lee says of his own work: 'Many of my prints and paintings use the broader landscape as their starting point and the titles often reflect this. They may be inspired by a visit to a particular location the season the weather or a particular light or feeling of a place. Through the work I have developed my own language. Echoes of rock formations leaves water or stones lie alongside man made and urban structures such as buildings pathways and steps. Colour plays an integral part in setting the space and mood for each piece whether it's basking in heat or cool. No matter what my inspiration or intention whilst creating a piece of work ultimately I want it to be independent resolved and harmonious with the process completed by the contemplation of the viewer.'