Emma Davis was born in Sussex in 1971. After leaving school Emma gained her degree at John Moores University Liverpool. She then went on to achieve an MA at Wolverhampton University.


Emma's paintings are playful, gestural and vibrant. She incorporates text in her final images which can be interpreted as memories of previous conversations and act as a part of the thought process as the paintings evolve. These fragments of conversation are sometimes quirky, sometimes poignant, thus contributing to the mood of the painting. Inspiration for Emma's work comes from a number of different sources; most obvious is her passion for flowers. The paintings on canvas often evolve on their own almost as an organic process, sympathetic to the flower that she chooses to paint.


Emma has designed the Happy Hefalump range of greetings cards and has produced licensed products for companies such as Marks and Spencers and WH Smiths. She has also received several book commissions and has exhibited extensively throughout the UK.