Born in Stafford in 1950 Mick Durrant gained an Honours Degree in Art at Sheffield University.


For many years he worked as an illustrator both in America and in England at the South Yorkshire Archaeological Department and Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery.


In 1980 he produced an award winning "Best Selling Picture of the Year" for Athena International. Since then Durrant has concentrated on producing original silkscreen work in his London studio which was made familiar to collectors on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years. His screenprints usually revolve around the relationship between interior and exterior. His interiors tend to be anonymous, formal and tightly defined; in contrast his view of the landscape outside is free and romantic.


Since early 1986 Durrant has concentrated on an impressionistic style using a pointillist technique to achieve his highly individualistic images. He creates deep perspective through his delicate colouring and shading, often depicting the peace and tranquility of the Kentish countryside in which he now lives.


Numerous exhibitions of his work have been held in London, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Chile, Japan and the U.S.A. and his work is in the collections of Mobil Oil, Rank, Xerox, Barclays Bank, IBM and Amoco to name but a few.